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Spring Break Love

by J

You hopped from foot to foot, as you watched the arrivals screen change, and changed the status of the flight you were watching for. It changed to arrived, and the anticipation inside you grew. You tried to sit down, as you waited for your boyfriend to appear. 

While you were away at college, your boyfriend, Austin Carlile, was on tour with his band, Of Mice & Men. It was currently your spring break, and he was in between tours, so he was going to join you in Florida for the festivities. His flight was due to land, an hour after yours, so you decided to hang around and wait for him. Slowly, people started to trickle out, and you craned your neck to look out for him. Not that it was hard; at nearly 6’4”, Austin was about a foot taller than you were. 

You had turned, to check your bag for your confirmation with the rental place, when you were hoisted into the air.

"AUSTIN!" You squealed, as a very familiar laugh, echoed behind you. He put you down, and you turned around and jumped into his arms. Austin laughed, as you planted kisses all over his face. You hadn’t seen his face, since your Valentine’s Day Skype date, and himself in person, since Of Mice & Men had played a show near your school.

"I missed you so much!"

"I missed you too baby girl."

He replied, as he softly kissed your lips.

"Shall we go?"

You nodded, as Austin loaded your bags onto the cart with his. He sat on the bench, and pulled you into his lap, as you waited for the shuttle to the car rental place. 

"Are you sure?"

You asked, when Austin insisted on making the two hour drive to Panama City Beach, from Tallahassee, where you had flown into.

"Yes. Now get into the car, and stop arguing with me."

Austin helped you into the car, and finished loading the bags into the trunk. Before starting the drive, you stopped at a Zaxby’s for a quick meal. After stuffing your faces with chicken fingers, wings and fries, you and Austin finally got on the road. Once you reached Panama City Beach, and got checked into the hotel, you flopped right onto the bed.

"You feel like doing anything now? Or do you just want to wait until tomorrow?"

Asked Austin, as you joined you on the bed. 

"How about we nap first?"

"Best idea ever!"

It was nearly midnight by the time, you and Austin woke up. He made a quick snack run to the nearby 7/11, and you spent the rest of the night watching cheesy made for TV movies in bed. The next day, after brunch on the balcony of your room, you and Austin headed straight for the beach. You managed to find a good spot, that was near the shade of the lifeguard tower, and set up your towels there. After helping each other apply sunscreen, Austin grabbed you and ran towards the water.

"I’m so going to get you for that!"

You yelled, as you tried to jump onto Austin’s back. You were unsuccessful, but managed to knock him down anyway. After an hour of horsing around, and some actual swimming, you and Austin finally retreated to your towels. After drying off, and reapplying sunscreen, you read a book, as you watched Austin try to build a sandcastle.

"Babe look!"

Austin exclaimed, as he took your battered copy of Roald Dahl’s, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, from your hands. You looked up to see that Austin had abandoned the sandcastle. Instead, he had created a large mound, into which, he scratched A + J = 4eva.

"Aww babe!"

You squealed, as you grabbed his face and kissed him. After taking a few pictures, and posting them to Instagram, you and Austin decided to pack up and head back to the hotel. Browsing the stalls along the boardwalk, you came upon one that sold custom made, silk hair pieces. Your jaw dropped when you saw one in the shape of a peony, your favourite flower. Austin had also seen it, as he was already asking the vendor how much it was. Without hesitation, he handed over the ten dollars, and turned to give it to you.

"A beautiful flower for my beautiful lady."

You blushed, as you fixed the clip behind your left ear. Thanking the vendor, Austin grabbed your hand and led the way back to the hotel. After a long, leisurely bath, and a late lunch, Austin insisted on going on out for a night on the boardwalk. You walked around, taking in the sights until you could no longer ignore the noises your stomach emitted. 

"Let’s stop here."

Austin said, as he pulled you into the Bayou On The Beach Cafe and Oyster Bar. His eyes lit up, when he saw the sign that said it was Bayou Oyster happy hour. You were sat near the window, where you could enjoy the nice breeze blowing in from the coast. As you sat and enjoyed each others company, you and Austin stuffed yourselves with oysters, hush puppies, blackened shrimp and catfish, and cheese grits. 

"Is it just me, or does this not feel like spring break? We haven’t done anything remotely scandalous."

You told Austin with a giggle.

"We still have the rest of the week. I just wanted you to myself today."

Austin replied, as he wrapped an arm around your shoulder. He walked you past a particularly rowdy bunch of drunken revellers, and further down the walk. You stopped in the main square where, there was live entertainers of all kinds, face painters and even  caricature artists. Austin insisted on getting your portraits done, and squealed in delight, when the artist agreed to draw you guys as cats. 

After paying the artist, you and Austin got some homemade ice cream from a street vendor. As it was getting late, and a little chilly, Austin put his sweater on you and suggested heading back to the hotel. The hotel came into view, and Austin insisted on carrying you on his back the rest of the way. You held onto his neck, and giggled, as he marched into the lobby and straight onto an elevator. He didn’t put you down until you were both safely in your room.

"What are you thinking?"

He asked, after you both washed up and were snuggled in bed. 

"About how happy I am to be here with you. I love you."

"I love you too baby."

Austin replied, as he pecked your lips, and pulled the covers up around you. He turned the TV to Nick at Nite, and you fell asleep to the sound of Joey from Friends as Dr. Drake Ramoray.

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