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Sex and Ink

by J

"You ready?"

You asked, as you pulled on a pair of rubber gloves. You, Riley Dumas, were a tattoo artist, about to tattoo Of Mice & Men front man, Austin Carlile. They had just gotten offstage, and the pair of you had taken over the back lounge of the band’s bus.

"As ready as I’ll ever be."

Austin replied, as you applied the stencil to the top of his foot. After seeing a Star Wars themed sleeve you had completed on someone else, Austin had asked you to tattoo his feet. You were to start, by inking Darth Vader’s mask on his right foot. With Austin sitting on the couch, you sat upon a pile of phone books and started up your machine. 

Even with a steady stream of people, coming in and out of the lounge, to check the progress, the tattoo was coming along well. Within an hour and a half, it was nearly finished. You had just started the finished touches, when an eerie feeling came over you.

"Is it me or is this bus really quiet all of a sudden?"

You asked Austin, as you put some white accents where the eyes on Vader’s mask was.

"It’s quiet. There’s an after party at this bar down the road. They should all be there already."


Another half an hour, and you were done. You turned off your machine, and started to wipe away the excess ink.

"What do you think?"

You stood up and stepped back, to give Austin the room and light to check it out. 

"Riley I love it! Thank you so much!"

Austin exclaimed, with a big smile on his face. He let you finish putting away your supplies, before he picked you up in a massive bear hug. Afraid of falling, you instinctively wrapped your legs around his waist. The bus became so quiet, that you could hear a pin drop, as you and Austin just stared at each other. The silence was broken, as Austin pressed his lips to yours, and nearly tripped and fell, trying to get from the back lounge into the washroom. 

He put you down on the sink, and turned to close and lock the door. You moaned, when Austin attached his lips to your neck and his hands found his way under your shirt. Austin covered his lips with yours, and moaned into the kiss, when you ran your nails up and down his back. He pulled you to the edge of the sink, and right against the strain in his pants.

"How long do you think we got before they come looking for us?"

You asked, as Austin buried his face in your breasts. 

"I’m not too sure. We should get moving."

Austin whispered, right before he slipped his hands under your skirt. Using his shoulders for support, you lifted your butt slightly, so he could push your skirt up and pull your panties down. As he threw your panties aside, you quickly, undid his pants, and pushed them down with his boxers. 

"Oh fuck!"

You practically screamed, when Austin stuck two fingers inside of you. He continued to pump his fingers in an out of you, while you sucked on that bit of skin right below his ear. As if on cue, your phone started to go off in the back lounge, where you had left it. 

"If that’s them, we won’t have much longer before someone comes back here looking for us. Do you have any protection?"

Austin, mumbled. 

"Fuck it. I’m on birth control and it’s never failed me once."

Austin smiled, as he positioned himself at your entrance. You nodded yes, when he looked at you, as if to ask permission. Slowly, he pushed himself all the way in, until there was no more space between you. Austin wrapped his arms around you and started to thrust in and out of you. 

He started to suck on your neck, while you dug your nails into his shoulders. You heard both of your phones going off, and Austin took that as his cue, to start moving faster. He picked you up, and sat on the toilet so that you straddled him. You tugged on his bottom lip with you teeth, as you started to roll your hips against his. It wasn’t long before you could feel your legs start to shake. Austin picked up on it, and smirked into the kiss, as he grabbed your hips and held you in place while he thrusted.

"Oh, shit. Fuck, right there, shit."

You yelled, as you felt your orgasm wash over you, and your juices spill onto Austin. He was starting to get sloppy, and you knew he was close. You sucked on his geisha tattoo, as he stood and put you back on the edge of the sink. He buried his face in your neck, and came inside of you moments later.

"That was …"

"Fucking amazing."

Austin finished your sentence, before he pressed his lips to yours. He pulled out of you, and helped you down from the sink, and you both got redressed. You stayed in the bathroom to fix your hair, as Austin went to go find a shirt. Austin threw an arm around your shoulder, as you headed out of the bus. Just as you were about to open the door and head out, Tino and Alan were about to come in.

"We’ve been trying to call you guys!"

"Sorry! Didn’t realize my phone was on silent!"

You looked at Austin, and bit your lip to stifle your giggles. The four of you walked over to the bar, Tino and Alan, completely unaware of what you and Austin had gotten up to.

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