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Three’s A Crowd

by J

"Can we hurry up with this? I’m fucking horny."

Danny whined, as he hopped from foot to foot. You had been dating Ben Bruce for nearly three years now, and were about to make Danny’s dreams come true. Since you came into the picture, Danny had been not so shy about hinting that the three of you should have a threesome. You had always shot the idea down, but for some reason, tonight you finally said yes. Maybe it was all the alcohol you consumed at the bar, but you found yourself unable to say no. Currently, you were trying to unlock the door to your apartment, which was where it was going to happen.

"First off, keep it the fuck down Worsnop. Second, it’s not easy to open a door, when there’s like, excessive amounts of alcohol coursing through your body."

Finally, you managed to get your key in the door and the door opened. Danny made a beeline for your bedroom, and you followed, while Ben locked the door. By the time you stumbled into your room, Danny was already shirtless, and pulled you into his arms. He grabbed your ass, while he stuck his tongue down your throat. You heard your door close, and clothes hit the floor, as Ben got undressed. Much to Danny’s dismay, Ben pulled you away from him, and started to undress you. Once he had you completely naked, he pushed you forward so you went bent over the bed.

"I can’t believe this is the first time I’ve gotten to see this arse."

You heard Danny say.

"It’s a fucking beautiful arse isn’t it?"

Ben replied, as he smacked it. Danny did the same, and they kept on doing so, until their hearts were content. Your ass had to be beet red by now, but you didn’t care. It was turning you on. You gasped when you felt one of them, push two fingers into your asshole, and start to pump them in and out.

"Let’s see how she does with my fingers in her cunt."

Danny said, as he stuck his fingers into your pussy. 

"Fuck. So tight and so wet already."

You moaned into the blanket, as your boyfriend and his best friend finger fucked you, into what felt like oblivion. So when they suddenly stopped, you were left thinking, what the hell?

"That’s enough of that. I think it’s about time we got some attention, don’t you think?"

Danny just nodded in response, as Ben pulled you off of the bed and down onto your knees. Almost immediately, Ben’s boxers were down and his dick was being shoved down your throat. Danny put his dick into your hand, and you started to tug on it, while sucking off Ben. Pulling away from Ben, you started to suck on Danny, who had tangled his hand into your hair. You alternated between the both of them, sucking on one and tugging on the other, before they decided they couldn’t wait any longer.

"Come over here."

Danny ordered you, as he sat in the chair next to your bed. With your back to him, Danny guided his dick to your entrance and then pulled you down onto him. He pulled you flush with his chest, and your feet off of the floor, as he started to thrust into you. Looking up, you saw Ben licking his lips, his hand around his dick. You smirked at him, before you beckoned to him. While Danny pounded into you, you started to suck on Ben, as hard and as deep as you could. 

"Her legs are stating to shake."

Danny smirked, as you could feel an orgasm coming on.

"I want to see her cum. Make her cum Danny."

Ben told him, as he stepped away from you. Danny made you hold your legs off of the ground, while he held your throat with one hand, and rubbed your clit with the other. Danny, repeatedly hit your g-spot with his dick, and in tandem with his rubbing your clit and Ben’s encouragement, you felt yourself release all over him. As you tried to regain your breath, Ben pulled you away, and carried you over to the bed. He pressed his lips to yours, while Danny hungrily watched.

"On your knees. Face down, arse up."

Ben ordered, once he pulled away from you. You complied, looking Danny in the eye, as Ben pushed into you. As Ben dug his fingers into your hips, his dick in your pussy, Danny stood in front of you, and put his dick in your mouth. You rolled your eyes, as you heard them say something about another Ben and Danny eiffel tower, and high five each other. Ben pulled out, and paused briefly, before he pushed himself into your ass. Danny’s dick in your mouth, muffled your screams, as your boyfriend slowly stretched you out. 

When Danny stepped away, Ben took that as the cue to start pounding into you. He switched from your ass to your pussy, and back and forth, back and forth, until he felt your legs start to shake. Ben smirked, as he gripped your hips and thrusted like his life depended on it. 

"Fuck, fuck, fuckkk…"

You screamed into the blankets, as you felt another orgasm course throughout your body. 

"I think it’s about time for us to cum, don’t ya think Benny?"

"Oh yeah."

Ben pulled out of you, and sat on the edge of your bed. With you facing him, he pulled you down onto him. Danny got into position behind you and slowly pushed into your ass. You started to suck on Ben’s neck, and drag your nails up and down his back. He mumbled obscenities, and you knew that he was close. You reached back, tangled your hand in Danny’s hair, and pulled his lips down to yours. Both of them started to pound into you, and you held onto Ben’s shoulders for support. 

Danny’s yells of pleasure, were followed by Ben’s, as they both achieved their releases inside of you. Danny pulled away, and stumbled into the chair, while Ben helped you off of him. You made yourself comfortable under the covers, while Ben and Danny pulled their boxers on. 

"Dare I ask what’s happening now?

Asked Danny.

"What’s going to happen is, the guest room is across the hall."

Ben replied, as he pushed Danny towards the door. 

"WHAT?! No post sex snuggles?!"

"Sod off! I just let you fuck my girlfriend!"

Ben rolled his eyes, as he pushed Danny out of the room. He locked the door, and climbed under the covers with you.

"That’s not happening again is it?"

You whispered, as you snuggled into his chest. 

"Not unless you want it to. Um, babe?"


"What would you say if I asked you who was better?"

"You of course. I will say, Danny is a good fuck, but you, you know me like no one else does. You can fuck me like no other man can. You’re the best fuck I’ve ever had."

You whispered the last bit into his ear, and nibbled gently on his earlobe.

"You’re damn right I am."

Ben boasted, as he reached over to turn off the lamp. He kissed your forehead, as you both drifted off to sleep, sticky and satisfied.

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