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I have a question

If y’all had to choose, from all of the imagines that I,


have written, which would you choose to have another part written for?

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Thank yo so much for took my request!!! You made my day, my life! I really love it ( I Love You For You)


You’re very very welcome! :3

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I'm a new imagines blog would you mind giving me a shout out





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I Love You For You

Can you do an Austin imagen where you are a completely normal girl (no famous) and you start dating him and you’re really insecure (you can’t believe he’s dating you because you consider yourself ugly, fat, etc) and he tries to comfort you because he loves you for who you are? fluffy ♡

by J

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Told You That There Would Be An Us One Day

Part 3 to Just Give Me A Chance To Prove Myself

by J

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Pitter Patter

could you do an Austin Carlile imagine where you want to get a puppy and you start asking Austin how he’d feel about having another mouth to feed and stuff and he thinks you’re pregnant and then you tell him you’re not, you were just thinking of getting a puppy together and he thinks it’s a great idea because it’ll be good practice for when you really do have kids

by J

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Why are the requests shut?


Because, I opened them and said I would take 3 requests, and ended up getting 4l

Right now, only I, J, am writing. As C, is dealing with impending motherhood and all that goes with it. I’ll take more requests soon.

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Alright alright

I got all the requests I need!

Please don’t send anymore in!

Stay gold pony boy

- J

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