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I know your shutting down this blog but will it still be up for us to read past one shots and such



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Last post for today

We received a request that we leave the stories up, so people can continue reading them if they choose to.

After talking it over with C, we’ve decided to leave the blog up.

Both so you all could continue to read everyone’s hard work, but also, in the future if we’re able, we could start this blog up again.

Thank you everyone so much for the love, and,

Stay gold pony boy.

- J

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Can we please have your main tumblrs? I'm sad that this blog will be shutting down, but I understand that it is difficult, and it's your choice to make. Thanks for all of the great imagines!




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Dear Readers

J here. This will probably be one of the last messages I write to you all.

After a saddening heart to heart, C and I, had decided that we will most likely be shutting this blog down in the coming days.

We have both loved writing for you all, but with everything that I’ve had going on personally, and C with a newborn baby, neither of us have had much time to devote to writing.

We’ll soon begin the process of saving all our imagines, and will make a last post when we do shut this down for good.

It’s been real.

- J

Ps. If you ask nicely, we may just give out our personal tumblrs.

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Are requests open?


Currently, no.

Because C and I are about to sit down and have a heart to heart about what to do with this blog.

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I really don't honestly mean to be rude when I say this, I really don't, but I'm just curious; why do you demand that any new people who want to write for the blog always be present, if you yourselves aren't? I totally understand having busy lives because I used to write my own imagines, and it wasn't always easy to find time, but idk it just seems a tad bit contradictory to me. Again, I'm so sorry I don't want to come off as mean at all


We don’t demand them to always be present. We just ask that they don’t say they’ll write for us then don’t or disappear after an imagine or two.

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Just some of celebs talking about teen’s “disorders”. (So much more celebs talk about this but I’ve found just these photos.)

Dear Readers

J here.

I’m sorry, I, C, nor Kei have been around lately.

Kei and I, currently don’t have computers of our own to use to post or write. So we’re dependent on

A) writing on paper and/or our phones then trying to get someone to post for us


B) the opportunity to use someone else’s computer.

Also, I personally, have been going through some personal shit lately, that has just left me disinterested in writing.

But I am promise that I am trying to get my groove back.

C has a computer, but raising a newborn child, and keeping a household running, takes up 99.9 % of her time.

We haven’t abandoned or forgotten about any of you; life has just been kicking our asses.

If anyone has any imagines or whatnot that they’ve written on their own, and would like to post them, feel free to submit them and we’ll post asap.

Alternatively, if someone would like to write for us. Please let us know.


You must be reliable.

Don’t say you’ll write for us; write one or two imagines, then disappear on us. It’s happened to us before, and it’s not cool.

And don’t say you’ll write for us, then never write anything, or fail to respond to any messages we try to send you.

If you feel like you’re someone reliable and someone that we can count on to pick up the slack, please drop us a line.

Thanks for listening.


- J

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Johnny Christ fluff? Like he acts all badass when the two of you are out or hanging out with the band, but when you’re alone with him he’s super sweet and cuddly and loving?

by J

* i don’t have a title. couldn’t decide on one. but here it is.

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Could you possibly continue "She Makes Dirty Words Sound Pretty" lol I can't remember if you had even mentioned continuing it but if you did, you totally should!


do you remember who was in it, but more importantly who wrote it?

Because if it’s anyone but C, J, or Kei, it probably won’t happen. But only because the person who wrote it, doesn’t write for us anymore.

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